This article explains the reasoning behind only allowing one graphics card purchase per customer.

Rebel Tech has always stood by the Gaming community in South Africa

Our Policy for restricting one Graphics card per customer is to serve two purposes:

  • Protecting the gaming community in South Africa from Scalpers / Miners inflating the price of Graphics cards.
  • Ensuring that as many Gamers get their hands on Graphics cards in the current Global Shortage.

Understanding the Shortage:

  • Currently, there is a Global shortage of Graphics card production due to a larger demand for silicon chips.
  • Assisting with the shortage is the "Boom" we have seen in Crypto mining and the appealing nature for people to earn additional income.
  • Lastly, due to the shortage, the community has become even more susceptible to "scalpers" who bulk purchase Graphics cards and then resell them at highly inflated prices.
Please note, Rebel Tech reserves the right to cancel any online order. Please refer to Terms & Conditions for further details.